Are you a First Time Flyer?

If you are yet to travel through an airport, or a little rusty on the whole process, we have the perfect guide for you.

Seats on an aeroplane

We’ve collaborated with our friends at Airport Parking Shop to bring you a definitive guide to surviving the trek through the airport!

Our favourite tip would be to head to the gate as soon as it opens. You may be a little early, but better to be early than be the person running through the airport, desperate to get to the gate before it closes!

If you want to check your flight times and info, see our Flight Arrivals and Flight Departure checker.

Secondly, breathe! Going through airport security is nerve-racking but you won’t be the only first time flyer there. It’s not pleasant but so long as you have nothing to hide and have binned or bagged any liquids ahead of time, you’ll be absolutely fine.

Read more great tips on the Tips for First Time Flyers blog post!

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