Bosses of Stansted and Manchester Airport to swap jobs!

The bosses of both Manchester and Stansted Airport seem to be swapping job roles to test each others management skills!

Andrew Cowan, CE of Stansted Airport is trading in his job at the London airport to travel up north to take the position that is currently held at Manchester Airport by Ken O’Toole. Don’t worry, this isn’t a battle of the airports; Manchester Airport Group own both sites and want to see how the bosses fare doing the other man’s job.
Mr O’Toole, who has been the boss at MA since 2013, sees the opportunity as an important chance for Manchester Airport, as it dives into a £1bn programme to build a new terminal, in order to make better use of its 2 runways and 44 million passengers per year.

Charlie Cornish, chief executive of MAG, said both airports were “about to embark on significant periods of development and investment” and that Mr O’Toole and Mr Cowan were the “right people to lead them during this critical time”.

More specifically, Mr O’Toole will be looking to develop the airport’s network of routes. Stansted airport recently passed the 25 million passenger mark, while creeping ever closer to its capped capacity of 35 million. They also recently saw flights added to New York and Boston to further enhance its list of destinations.

Andrew said: “After a successful spell at London Stansted where I have overseen massive growth and the launch of its transformation programme, I am looking forward to returning to Manchester Airport, which is about to embark on one of its biggest developments in its eight decade history.”

Mr Cornish also added that the company had handed the newly implemented position of chief of staff to Collette Roche, who has remained in the company since 2010, including most recently as acting managing director at Manchester Airport. As part of her new role, she will be helping to create the group’s strategy and lead parts of the business such as IT, engineering services and health & safety.

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Stansted and Manchester Airport bosses swap positions

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