“A real success story”, Stansted boosts neighbouring bus services

Girl on a public bus from Colchester to Stansted Airport

Bus services connecting Stansted Airport to Colchester, Braintree, and Bishop’s Stortford will be “further boosted” on July 3 2011, according to the Essex hub’s website. The affected routes are operated by transport company Tellings Golden Miller (TGM).

TGM plans to abandon the existing X22 service to Colchester and Braintree in favour of a new route to Stansted buses, the 133. Presently, the X22 operates every two hours, 24hrs a day. The 133 will retain its predecessor’s round-the-clock schedule, but operates every 60 minutes instead. TGM’s Excel 308 service from Stansted to Bishop’s Stortford will be altered to operate on a 24hr schedule, including on Sundays. The service will otherwise remain unchanged.

Stansted Airport referred to the partnership between the hub and local bus companies as “a real success story”.

Tellings Golden Miller Buses' logo

Bob Dorr, chief at TGM, hopes that the altered bus timetables will encourage people who traditionally drive to the airport to leave their cars at home. Mr. Dorr noted that TGM and Stansted had worked “very hard” to maintain efficient transport links in the Colchester area. “We are delighted to have such a progressive partner in Stansted Airport.”

Airport chiefs claim that investment in the local community, to the tune of 31p from the sale of every car parking space, was responsible for the improved bus services. The extent of that investment is perhaps best represented by the volume of passengers that travel to Stansted via public transport – 50%, allegedly, the highest ratio of airport bus users to car users in the UK.

Stansted buses, including TGM’s X22 service calls at Colchester Bus Station and Essex University, among other destinations. The Excel 308 visits Heath Row (not to be confused with Heathrow Airport), Thorley and Bishop’s Park, and the centre of Bishop’s Stortford. More information on public transport serving Stansted Airport can be found here.

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