When it comes to Stansted Airport Jobs; it’s Ladies first.

Stansted Airport bosses have just unveiled a plan to increase the airport’s contingent of female security guards by 50 positions from air marshalls to airport staff. Staff fear a hectic summer schedule unless more women can be coaxed to the terminals.

Woman flight officer with noise cancellers on Stansted runway

Of the 800 people working beneath Stansted’s glass roof, around 50% of them are already female. So why is the airport so desperate to hire more women?

Under modesty laws, male officers cannot search (or ‘frisk’) female passengers. This poses a problem for under-staffed terminals, and delays can ensue as male security officers contend with a backlog of female passengers.

The issue is not with the number of women employed by the airport or by how many Stansted Airport jobs there are, but rather with their working patterns. An increasing proportion of female guards choose to work part time for personal reasons. The new jobs, which have been advertised on the airport’s website, are also part-time positions.

There are a variety of Stansted Airport Jobs, but the current drive is specifically for female security offers.

Bosses are keen to attract ordinary people, rather than muscle-bound brutes. Recruitment boss Cathy Brennan is concerned that some women may associate security positions with violence and ignore the advertisement.

She said “traditionally, women don’t seem to be attracted to security officer roles", and that the bosses were looking for people "who have customer service experience and enjoy meeting and dealing with people". Existing officers have lauded the benefits of the position, which include shopping discounts.

Applicants must have a minimum of five years’ work experience in a customer service position, such as a restaurant or shop, and have full-colour 20:20 vision.

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