London Stansted now offers certified ‘Friendly Wi-Fi’

London Stansted airport is now offering safe and friendly free Wi-Fi access to its passengers. By doing this, it has become the first airport in the UK to offer a service of this kind!

So what does this actually mean? Well, now the passengers at Stansted can browse content using the free Wi-Fi service and not have to worry about inappropriate content as it will be filtered out. Roughly 48% of the people travelling at Stansted Airport are young passengers, with ages ranging between 16-34. Therefore, for many young families that are letting their children play or watch something, this will be a great sigh of relief.

Friendly Wi-Fi carried this out, which is a programme that the government started to ensure that free Wi-Fi had the minimum filtering requirements. Especially in areas where children may be present.

Aboudy Nasser, London Stansted’s Chief Commercial Officer stated that‘more and more of the 28 million passengers’who are travelling via Stansted Airport use the free Wi-Fi service, whether it’s for a last-minute email or a quick download. Or simply to tell their family that they’re about to leave. He further talks about online safety for children as children “want to use their connected devices” whilst at the airport. Therefore he says “as a responsible airport operator, we know that it’s our duty to keep them safe online”. Which is exactly what Friendly Wi-Fi access will provide!

london Stansted free wi-fi

John Carr, Secretary of the UK’s Children’s Charities’ Coalition on Internet Safety further states that “Wi-Fi that meets minimum standards goes a long way to ensuring no-one is unsafe or uncomfortable as they travel.” He also suggested how other airports should follow Stansted’s example and do the same. He stressed that airports should “take online safety equally seriously as they do operational safety”.

Be sure to make use of their free Wi-Fi next time you travel via Stansted Airport! There are also charging points available throughout the airport, for those of you wanting to charge your phone last minute.

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