New Stansted Airport terminal

A new Stansted Airport terminal has been revealed, costing around £130m, and will be home to new arrivals once it has been built in 2021. Architects Pascall + Watson are at the forefront of the three-level building’s designs. The building is meant to be 34,000 sqm and will be situated next to the current terminal and are set to include larger immigration and baggage reclaim areas. Planning permission has already been granted by Uttlesford District Council for future work.

The improvements are predicted to take three years to fully finish and will start in 2018. Meanwhile, the original departures lounge will be altered slightly to provide more space for the check-in and security areas.

The airport’s Chief Executive Andrew Cowan said the site would “transform our infrastructure and facilities to give our passengers the best possible experience”.


“Stansted is a national asset and our investment will continue to boost competition and support economic growth, jobs and international connectivity for London and the East of England,” he said.

“At a time when airport capacity in the country is at a premium, Stansted is playing a vital role in supporting both the regional and national economy. This project will strengthen our ability to do this by enabling us to make the most efficient use of our single runway.”

The increased size of the immigration facilities within the arrivals terminal was “purely down to the size of the building” opposed to a result of possible future changes to the immigration procedure, an airport spokesman said.

Once the work is complete, Stansted Airport will be able to boast being the only operating UK airport with dedicated arrivals and departures terminals. Construction will take place away from the original site to minimise disruption to current travellers through the London  airport.
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New Stansted Airport terminal

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