Online check-in available at Stansted Airport

Thomas Cook Airlines have just released a new service whereby travellers can now use an online check-in service rather than checking-in at the airport before their flight. It claims to be the first charter airline in the country to launch the online check-in service from Stansted Airport.

Woman checking in to her flight on her phone

As well as offering the service at Stansted Airport, Thomas Cook Airlines will also provide the option of checking-in online at Gatwick, Bristol, Newport and a few other airports across the country. It is planning on spreading the service to even more airports over the coming months.

The service will allow passengers to check-in online up to seven days before they are due to fly. Following this, they will then be able to go directly to the bag drop location and skip the check-in at the airport altogether. This will lead to shorter queues and less time waiting around at the airport. However, travellers will also be able to choose to check-in normally if they prefer.

If passengers want to choose their seats when they check-in online they will have to pay a fee. Priority Seat Selection is available up to 98 days before the date of travel, and prices start at £6 per passenger. The Seats Together and Your Seat Your Choice options both start from £12 per person for a return flight. Seats with extra legroom are also available from £23.50.

Joanna Wild, the customer services director at Thomas Cook Airlines, said that the aim was to provide their travellers with “more control over their booking”, and that the new service provided them with greater freedom over where they sat as well as making the airport experience “quick and easy”.

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