Stansted triumphs in Copenhagen

Stansted has been crowned the best low-cost hub in the world in Copenhagen!

The Essex airport was nominated top of its category at the 2011 World Airport Awards in Copenhagen, Denmark, shrugging off competition from Brussels Charleroi Airport in Belgium, and London Luton Airport in the UK.

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Ryanair unveils route to Rhodes

Blue and yellow airline, Ryanair, will begin flying from Stansted Airport to Rhodes in the Aegean Sea from April 2011. The route is part of a Europe-wide expansion of services into the Greek market, which will see flights to Thessaloniki, Kos, or Rhodes added at 11 continental airports and 2 UK hubs.

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Ryanair now offering UK first: Stansted to Ciudad Real

Stansted has teamed up with Ryanair to offer the first ever route from London Stansted to Ciudad Real, a city in the Castile-La Mancha region of central Spain. The route will open on the 24th May, in time for the summer holiday season, and will operate three times a week.

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When it comes to Stansted Airport Jobs; it’s Ladies first.

Stansted Airport bosses have just unveiled a plan to increase the airport’s contingent of female security guards by 50 positions from air marshalls to airport staff. Staff fear a hectic summer schedule unless more women can be coaxed to the terminals.

Woman flight officer with noise cancellers on Stansted runway

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Online check-in available at Stansted Airport

Thomas Cook Airlines have just released a new service whereby travellers can now use an online check-in service rather than checking-in at the airport before their flight. It claims to be the first charter airline in the country to launch the online check-in service from Stansted Airport.

Woman checking in to her flight on her phone

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Ryanair could get passengers to stand

Ryanair has been responsible for a few rather strange ideas in relation to getting prices down on its flights.

Ryanair Flight at Stansted Airport

These have recently included charging passengers each time they want to use the toilet on board the flight. But now The Sun has reported that it has come up with a new idea that it claims to be seriously considering, and that is getting people to stand up for the duration of the flight.

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Facial recognition comes to revolutionise your trip through Stansted Airport

If you have travelled through Stansted Airport recently, you may have been tempted to try out the new facial recognition machines that have been installed in a landmark trial.

Woman having the facial recognition software at the airport

The new technology has arrived at the airport in a bid to improve waiting times for passengers and to add an extra level of security at passport control.

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Ryanair passengers to carry own baggage?

We have all become familiar with having to pay for extras on budget airlines; it started with being charged for food and drinks and has gradually extended to having to pay to check in luggage or for “speedy boarding”.

Ryanair, however, has taken the art of charging for “extras” to another level!

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