Passenger numbers down at Stansted, Heathrow and Gatwick

The global financial crisis is certainly having an effect on passenger numbers at airports. Figures recently released for the month of June show a decrease for London’s Stansted, Heathrow and Gatwick airports.

Whilst London City airport has just predicted that, they will not experience an overall drop this year, they expect growth to slow down.

computerised data chart of the affected airports

Passengers at Stansted were down by 5.7% to just under 2.1 million. The only growth area is the Irish market which is up by 2.6% with all other routes showing decreases in passenger figures.

The recent announcement, however, that Ryanair is to ground 150 of its flights from Dublin this winter will of course have an adverse effect, with a 14% decrease in flights to Stansted expected.

Heathrow’s passenger numbers were down by 0.9% to just less than 6 million. The good news for the airport was, however, that long haul numbers were on the up, with North Atlantic traffic growing by 10.7%. The biggest reduction was in the Irish market which slumped by 15.2%. With the rising costs at Dublin airport forcing Ryanair to cut back this winter, Heathrow may well turn out to benefit from this move.

Gatwick’s figures showed a drop of 1.1% to just over 3.3 million. It has, however, seen a rise of 30.5% in its passengers on the Irish routes although its North Atlantic figures are down, possibly because of the move to Heathrow of several operators.

With over two thirds of London City’s passengers being business travellers the airport is predicting a slower rate of increase this year, predicted at around 12% to 15% compared with last year’s 23%. If any reduction in holiday traffic happens it will be towards the end of the year, according to an airport spokesman, with most of the leisure travellers having booked their flights well in advance.

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