Ryanair could get passengers to stand

Ryanair has been responsible for a few rather strange ideas in relation to getting prices down on its flights.

Ryanair Flight at Stansted Airport

These have recently included charging passengers each time they want to use the toilet on board the flight. But now The Sun has reported that it has come up with a new idea that it claims to be seriously considering, and that is getting people to stand up for the duration of the flight.

When they say stand up, what they really mean is that rather than seating passengers in proper seats, instead they will get them to sit on seats that have more resemblance to bar stools complete with seatbelts.

It doesn’t sound comfy, and it doesn’t really sound feasible, but Ryanair is deadly serious and has even announced that it is in talks with Boeing about the possibility of installing such a system.

The idea seems to have come from another airline, the Chinese carrier Spring, which is also said to be considering such plans.

With airlines across the world feeling the pinch of the recession, they are looking to cut costs and increase passenger numbers wherever they can, and sometimes this means thinking outside the box.

The head of Ryanair, Michael O’Leary, is apparently now looking for approval from the Irish Aviation Authority before any firm decision is made to check that it would be permitted. A spokesman for the company said that "if they approve it, we’ll be doing it".

Apparently it could lead to a 20-30% increase in passengers and a 20% decrease in costs, so we could well be seeing it come into force in the near future.

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