Ryanair now offering UK first: Stansted to Ciudad Real

Stansted has teamed up with Ryanair to offer the first ever route from London Stansted to Ciudad Real, a city in the Castile-La Mancha region of central Spain. The route will open on the 24th May, in time for the summer holiday season, and will operate three times a week.

Ryanair has come to favour unusual, or hitherto unknown, destinations in recent months, starting with routes to Bydgoszcz and Szczecin in Poland, Tampere in Finland, Kaunas in Lithuania and now the little-known Ciudad Real in central Spain. The carrier has all its bases covered, anticipating a hectic summer season.

Last year, the infamous ‘staycation’ cost the aviation industry millions of pounds after 60% of Britons shunned the Alps and the Mediterranean for a quick roll in the Skegness sludge. Since then, budget airlines have been announcing new routes on an almost weekly basis in a bid to lure travellers away from their sofas and onto an aeroplane.

Ryanair’s new route from Stansted to Ciudad Real is the sixteenth on Ciudad’s books, joining flights to Germany, Italy, France and Denmark. The carrier, which recently celebrated its four-millionth passenger, claimed unreserved delight at the development, before extending its everlasting sale into April and May.

Tickets to Ciudad Real have been available on Ryanair’s website since 13th March, starting at £19.99 each way. The city has some interesting landmarks, including a museum dedicated to Don Quixote, a landmark novel in Spanish literature.

Ryanair’s latest routes are available in list form at the airline’s official website.

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