Stansted Airport reunites 5 year old girl with her lost mouse toy

A 5 year old girl, Rosie Everett, has been miraculously reunited with her much-loved cuddly toy mouse after losing it at Stansted Airport.

The beloved animal was lost following a flight from Poland to Stansted on February 26th.
After a heroic appeal on social media from her father wishing for the mouse’s safe return, the quick-to-the-rescue staff at Stansted Airport managed to find the toy “going round and round the luggage carousel all by herself”.
You will be pleased to hear that the ‘Miss Mouse’ has now been safely returned to Rosie’s house in Manchester.
Sam Everett described how her daughter was beside herself when she realised she could not find her cherished companion, but to her surprise the airport swiftly posted a photo of the toy in the baggage claim area shortly after finding it.
“We were getting in the car at the airport when she realised the toy was gone,” he said.
“We were convinced it must be in one of the bags but when we got back home Miss Mouse was nowhere to be seen.
“We didn’t know if it had been lost on the plane or at the airport, so we tweeted Stansted and Ryanair.”
Rosie’s appreciation was encapsulated within a picture that she drew saying “thank you to everyone at Stansted Airport for looking after Miss Mouse”.
Daria Piotrowicz from London Stansted said: “We know it can be heart-breaking for any child to lose a much-loved and cherished cuddly friend so we are delighted we have been able to help reunite Rosie with her Miss Mouse.”

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Stansted Airport lost mouse

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