Stansted praised for environmental focus

Stansted Airport has once again been rewarded for maintaining a focus upon environmental management despite aiming to increase its passenger numbers. In 2005, the airport was awarded the IS014001 certificate which honours the successful management of environmental issues. It is currently the biggest airport in the United Kingdom to have been given this award.

A recent independent assessment found that Stansted had continued to manage such environmental issues very well and the airport therefore managed to retain its certification. The airport has strived hard to protect the environment and has introduced schemes including a biomass heating boiler. This boiler was installed as part of the recent terminal expansion and its introduction has ensured that the terminal is now completely carbon neutral. The airport, which has also been praised for encouraging travellers to access the terminal via public transport, will be able to keep this certification until 2011, at which point a further assessment will be carried out.

Andy Jefferson, the head of environment for BAA Stansted, has revealed that the officials at the airport were extremely proud of achieving the certification in 2005 and they have been thrilled at “maintaining” the honour by “continually striving to improve” all areas of their performance.

Jefferson revealed that managing the environment is not merely a side-project for the officials at the airport but actually remains “critical to the sustainability” of the business carried out at Stansted. The thorough assessment necessary to maintain the certification involved inspection of various parts of the airport’s operation and the officials take the whole process very seriously.

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