Bottoms up – Starbucks starts serving alcohol at Stansted Airport

Starbucks at Stansted Airport has become the first location in the UK for the new "Starbucks Evening" initiative.

Woman drinking a frappe at Stansted's Starbucks

With airport visitors travelling at all times of the day, what better crowd to pitch their new offerings to, with wine, beer, cheeses, tapas style food all being offered in the evening. Now you can choose Starbucks for a pre-flight coffee, or indeed a pre-flight pint!

You can still get your normal coffee and tea during the evening, but visitors will now have the extra choice of an alcoholic beverage, which Starbucks hopes will attract even more customers. They have already had several locations in the US roll out this idea, and so they hope it will be a hit in the UK too.

Next time you’re passing through, it might be worth popping into Stansted’s Starbucks to see what the fuss is about and try it out for yourself!

If you’re looking for a coffee or food alternative, see our Bars and Restaurants Guide at Stansted Airport.

Cheers to that!

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