The Wetherspoon pub at Stansted Airport, replaced by The Windmill

Stansted Airport has a lot to offer in preparation for the busy summer ahead; pub operator JD Wetherspoon opened their £2.7m bar in the revamped terminal in March, and a lot more is coming up.

Pint at the airport Wetherspoons

The Windmill is located airside, after security, just 50 metres from the location of the old pub by the same name, which has been operating at the airport since 2003. The newly launched Windmill is twice as big as the old site, and offers 7 thousand square feet of space on two floors, ground floor and mezzanine.

The new pub is the pub operator’s biggest airport outlet and currently the only pub at Stansted.

Opening hours: from the first flight until the last – so you’ll be able to pick up a pint or a burger whenever you’re passing through the airport terminals.

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