Stansted Airport on Instagram: Our Top 10

Top 10 Stansted Airport Instagram Posts You'll love

We all love a decent scroll through Instagram when we’re waiting for our flight at Stansted Airport.

So we’ve gone one step beyond on put together our Top 10 Instagram Posts!

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#10 Here to save the day

You know, maybe we’ve been doing it wrong all this time…
Either way, @oliverjerface and team look like they really are having a super time.

Having a """"super"""" time at Stanstead

A post shared by Oli Jarvis (@oliverjerface) on

#9 Cappuccino to go, please!

How do you improve an already supreme Costa Cuppa? Answer: chocolate sprinkles at Stansted Airport!

Looks like @ladylike_gy got a little extra with her coffee in the morning, thanks to the team at Stansted Airport’s Costa!

If this is making you hungry, check out our Bars and Restaurants section to see what food and drink you can pick up at the Airport.

#8 Mixed messages on Instagram…

Is it a boat, is it a plane… is it magazine?
@ewlunny may be confusing us all with her mixed transport choices, but we love it all the same!

#7 Red Sky at night

Thanks to @gemsta83 for this Instagram.

We hope you enjoyed your sunny flight and the weather the next day was delightful 😉

#6 When chuffed doesn’t quite cover it!

Future pilot in the making? Here’s @jasmineburcher’s very lucky 6 month old who got to visit the plane’s cockpit on his very first flight!

Jealous? We are!

#5 “Once Upon a Time”

What a shot of the cockpit, @jayhaach!

I remember actually being allowed in the cockpit once upon a time. ✈️📸

A post shared by JH (@jayhaach) on

#4 When at Stansted…?

Here we have @lynseyjane29 styling the newest fashion at Stansted Airport…

From the team at the Airport Guide, we hope you had a great ride on your plane/unicorn!

Let's do this! Dublin here we come! #sisterinlawshen #partytime #unicorn❤️

A post shared by Lynsey Hayler (@lynseyjane29) on

#3 Flying high at Stansted Airport

It’s not everyday that you get a view like this!

Just an incredible shot from up in the sky, it had to make our top 10. Not all of us get to even see a landscape like this from so high, let alone capture it!

#2 #firsttimeflying

Here’s the best #firstflight reaction you’ll ever see. Flying from Stansted Airport, his family posted this on Instagram from the plane.

Definately a future aviation enthusiast… or maybe he knows where the cookies are…

We couldn’t leave this cheeky first time flyer out of our top 10 Stansted Airport Instagram posts.

His #firstflight he was so excited

A post shared by e6soldier (@e6soldier) on

#1 #airportfails video

This just had to be our #1 top favourite Instagram of Stansted Airport!

Shared by @kirstypettifor in September, it shows her boyfriend stuggling to catch the luggage from the carousel at Arrivals, must see from beginning to end! #airportfails #boyf

We’ve all been there, right?

My boyfriend everyone…

A post shared by Kirsty Pettifor (@kirstypettifor) on

We hope you found our #1 Stansted Airport Instagram post as hilarious as we did! If your plane arriving soon, check out our Flight Arrivals to find details on when it’s getting into Stansted.

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