Stansted Airport and Terminal Maps

We have put together a detailed terminal map for arrivals and departures to help you find your way around. So whether you’re looking for which gate Ryanair departs from or where the nearest toilets are, we’re here to help.

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Discover the map to the Departures Lounge at Stansted
Domestic arrivals at Stansted
Discover the map to the Arrivals Lounge at Stansted

Departures Lounge – Ground Floor

Here’s a floor plan of the main Departures Lounge at Stansted Airport.

The map shows you where you nearest toilets, information desk, gates and shops are when leaving on an outbound flight.

Terminal map
Key to the map of Stansted Airport Departure icons

To help find what you’re looking for on the Stansted airport map, here’s some handy directions to help you navigate the airport. Most map directions are based around security, it’s worth reading up on Stansted Security in advance.

I’m looking for… Directions
Gates 1-39 After going through security, veer right, past the cash-point and you should be able to access it via transit. If in doubt, double check the map of Stansted airport, above.
Gates 40-59 After security, veer right, pass the entrance for Gates 1-39. Walk towards the food outlets and veer to the left and follow the corridor through.
Gates 81-88 These gates are on the far left of the departures. You can work your way to the back of the hall and turn left or head diagonally from security to the far left and follow the wall around to the right.
Toilets Coming from Security, follow the wall on your left all the way around. Alternatively there are some as you approach gates 81-88. As well as relying on the Airport map, look out for signposts at the terminal.
Cash Point There’s one in the centre of the departures hall and another en-route to gates 1-39.

Domestic Arrivals – Ground Floor

Domestic arrivals at Stansted are for flights arriving from within the EU. This can be Ryanair from France or Easyjet from the Czech Republic. Check your flight details with our Flight Finder.

The Domestic Arrivals Map shows you where cash points, luggage belts and pick up locations are.

Terminal map
Key for the icons used in the Domestic Arrivals Map

Take a look at our Guide to the Stansted map, to help you find what you need in the airport. Whether it’s where the toilets are, where the food outlets are or where is the arrivals hall so you can be picked up… you can find it here.

I’m looking for… Directions from the map
Baggage Reclaim Should be directly in front of you as you enter arrivals. Make sure to know which baggage carousel will have your luggage by watching out for your flight on the screens above.
Toilets Pass between the luggage carousels, and they should be directly in front of you on the right hand site. There’s also some toilets on the left hand side as you enter arrivals, next to the food outlet.
Departure lounge and pick up Go in a direct line from the entrance to arrivals from your plane. Directions for short-stay parking and taxi ranks should be evident from the departure lounge map.

International Arrivals – Ground Floor

Introducing your floor plan of Stansted Airport’s International Arrivals.

It’s a map to help you find baggage reclaim, customs, passport control, toilets and amenities as well as where to head for the Arrivals Hall. Find your flight details and the latest updates with our Flight Finder.

Terminal Map
Icons' key for the Stansted airport map for arrivals

Here’s our handy guide to using our maps of Stansted Airport, with what you’re looking for on the International Arrivals and where you can find it in real life.

I’m looking for…
Directions from the map of Stansted Airport
Passport Control
Your flight arrival will lead you to the immigration centre and passport control.
In passport control, the toilets are on the right hand side of the room as you face immigration.If you’re in baggage reclaim, there is another block on the right hand wall (again) and there are more in the Arrivals Hall Concourse.
Places to Eat
Once you’ve passed passport control, there are food outlets in the Arrivals Hall Concourse
Arrivals Concourse and pick up
Go in a direct line from the entrance to arrivals from your plane. Directions for short-stay parking and taxi ranks should be evident from the Arrivals lounge map (alternatively there is an information point on your left as you exit baggage reclaim). For pick-up, head straight on and through the doors outside, as seen on the map above.

For more info on Stansted’s Airport terminal, see our Terminal Information Guide.

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As with the UK high street, shops and restaurants are subject to change and move location at any time. With this in mind, we will endeavour to keep the information on this page as up to date as possible, so if you know of any changes, please do let us know. Please note that these maps are a guide only and due to the logistical challenges faced in keeping them current are not to be taken as completely accurate.