Stansted Airport Parking

There's a whole range of airport parking at Stansted available. Take a look below at the information on short and long stay options as well as Meet and Greet and Valet packages

Stansted Short Stay Parking

Short stay parking caters for all plans, whether you want to only stay for a few hours or a few days, it’s the perfect parking for you. When booking, you can choose from five zones and depending on which zones you are travelling from, it may take you 2 minutes or maybe 10 to reach the airport. Stansted Airport has been awarded Park Mark so you can be assured that your car will be in safe hands. Pre-book prices start from £59.99 for a 8 day stay.

Stansted Mid Stay Parking

This parking is best if you’re going away for up to a week. There are free bus transfers available which run every 10 minutes and it only takes 7 minutes for you to reach the terminal. They run Automatic Number Plate Recognition, meaning it’s very quick and easy because you only need to pull up and then head towards check-in! Pre-book prices start from £66.99 for an 8 day stay.

stansted airport parking

Stansted Long Stay Parking

Long-stay parking is for visitors wanting to park for a minimum of 5 days and it’s ideal for people going on longer holidays. It is located on the outskirts of the airport and is perfect for holiday parking or a longer stay. There are courtesy shuttle buses running to the airport every 15 minutes and can transport passengers to the Terminal in 15 minutes. It is recommended that you pre-book long-stay airport parking at Stansted Airport. Pre-book prices start from £59.99 for an 8 day stay.

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Stansted Meet & Greet

If you do not wish to have to transfer from the car park to the terminal you may wish to choose the Meet and Greet parking service where you can have a chauffeur take care of your car at the terminal. This parking service involves a chauffeur meeting you at a pre-arranged time at your departure terminal and parking the car for you in a secure compound. This parking option is merely a two minute walk from check-in so it’s the closest car park to the terminal! When you return, the car will be delivered to you at the terminal. Pre-book prices start from £80.00 for an 8 day stay.

There are various Meet & Greet options available at Stansted, for the best savings book on the link below. Pre-Book Stansted Meet and Greet airport parking online.

Drop-Off & Pick Up at Stansted Airport

Express Set Down

Do you simply need to drop someone off? The Express Set Down is the option for you! You can find this in either Stansted Short Stay car park (Orange Zones) or if you want to use the free facility, then head towards the Short Stay Blue Zone. This will give you free parking for half an hour.

Please do bear in mind that there’s a no return within 30 minutes rule. So ensure you don’t return before because otherwise you risk getting a £20 fee!

15 minutes£7.00
Over 15 minutes£25.00

Pick Up

Picking up is simple at Stansted! All you need to do is head to their short stay car park and you can use that for picking up your loved ones. The short stay car park can be found adjacent to the terminal building, making the whole process super easy and convenient. But if you want to have a free option, you can also use a mid-stay car park for picking up passengers. This is located a 7/10 minute by bus. The transfer is completely free of charge and the bus every 10 minutes.

Mid Stay Parking

60 minutesFree
2 hour£5.00
24 hours£30
24 hours thereafter£30.00

Short Stay Parking

Time Cost
30 minutes £10
1 hour £18
2 hours £22
4 hours £35
24 hours £62
24 hours thereafter £62.00

Stansted Airport Disabled Parking

There are dedicated Blue Badge parking bays in each of the following car parks:

Short Stay

You’ll be able to find blue badge parking in both orange and green zones. Both of these zones are very close to the terminal but if you would like assistance, it’s available.

Long Stay

Blue Badge car parking spaces are available in long-stay parking too. If using the Blue Badge parking bays, press the help button in the bus shelter and let the controller know that you require a transfer coach to the terminal building. Allow the courtesy bus up to 45 minutes to transfer you to the terminal. These buses are wheelchair-accessible.

Mid Stay

Blue Badge parking is located in Zone L, very close to the bus pick-up shelter. A free bus service connects this car park with the terminal; all buses are wheelchair-accessible and the driver will be able to provide help if needed. Allow this bus service up to 20 minutes to transfer to the terminal.

Express Drop Off and Pick Up

Located just a short walk from the terminal, clearly marked 'Express Set Down' - just follow the signs. You will find the Blue Badge parking spaces situated at the front, closest to the terminal. Please do not leave vehicles unattended in this area. This area uses a ticketless entry system and you will pay on exit. Minimum charge of £7 for 15 minutes and £25 for anythign over that.