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Stansted Airport

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Arrivals Information

Stansted Airport has one main terminal which handles a small group of airlines. A selection of car hire companies are located in the terminal as you come through the walkway. Rail and bus tickets can also be purchased here and taxi stands are located at the front of the terminal building. There is a constant, free shuttle bus service which operates between the terminal building and Stansted Airport Parkway Station, 1.5 miles away. The journey takes around 10 minutes in normal traffic conditions. There are regular 24 hour rail services to central London taking only 25 minutes. There are also trains to the south coast, the Midlands and northern England.

Airlines that fly from Stansted Airport include:

  • Atlasglobal
  • Blue Air
  • Easyjet
  • El Al
  • La Compagnie
  • Monarch
  • Ryanair
  • Thomson
  • Wizz Air

Arrivals Information

Stansted flight arrivals

Stansted Airport has one main terminal:

The main terminal handles all airlines and destinations. Destinations are mostly domestic or European, although there are one or two other international flights.

Stansted is the home of budget scheduled flights, and a large number of flights with Ryanair and Easyjet are available here.

Car hire and taxis are available at this terminal.

There are regular buses and National Express coaches connecting Stansted airport to other UK cities and airports. The coach station can be found at the front of the terminal forecourt.

Stansted Airline Information

Destination Airline / Tour Operator Code Telephone No.
Aarhus Ryanair FR
Agadir Thomson Airways TOM
Alghero Ryanair FR
Alicante Ryanair FR
Alicante easyJet EZY
Almeria Ryanair FR
Amsterdam easyJet EZY
Ancona Ryanair FR
Antalya Thomas Cook TCX
Antalya Thomson Airways TOM
Antalya Freebird Airlines FH
Athens Aegean Airlines A3 +30 210 6261000
Athens Ryanair FR
Barcelona Ryanair FR
Bari Ryanair FR
Belfast International easyJet EZY
Bergerac Ryanair FR
Berlin Schoenefeld Ryanair FR
Biarritz Ryanair FR
Bilbao easyJet EZY
Billund Ryanair FR
Bodrum easyJet EZY
Bodrum Pegasus Airlines H9 0845 084 8980
Bodrum Thomas Cook TCX
Bologna Ryanair FR
Bordeaux Ryanair FR
Bratislava Ryanair FR
Bremen Ryanair FR
Brindisi Ryanair FR
Brive Dordogne Valley Ryanair FR
Brno Ryanair FR
Bucharest Ryanair FR
Budapest Ryanair FR
Bydgoszcz Ryanair FR
Cagliari easyJet EZY
Cancun Thomas Cook TCX
Carcassonne Ryanair FR
Chania Ryanair FR
Chisinau Air Moldova 9U +373 22 57 65 45
Cologne (Bonn) Germanwings 4U 0906 294 1918
Comiso Ryanair FR
Copenhagen easyJet EZY
Corfu Ryanair FR
Corfu Aegean airlines A3 0871 200 0040
Corfu Thomas Cook TCX
Cork Ryanair FR
Dalaman easyJet EZY
Dalaman Thomson Airways TOM
Dalaman Thomas Cook TCX
Dinard Ryanair FR
Dole Ryanair FR
Dortmund Ryanair FR
Dublin Ryanair FR
Dubrovnik easyJet EZY
Dundee FlyBe BE 0871 700 2000
Dusseldorf Air Berlin AB 0871 500 0737
Dusseldorf (Weeze) Ryanair FR
Edinburgh easyJet EZY
Edinburgh Ryanair FR
Eindhoven Ryanair FR
Faro Ryanair FR
Faro Thomson Airways TOM
Faroe Islands Atlantic Airways RC +298 341 010
Fez Ryanair FR
Frankfurt Hahn Ryanair FR
Fuerteventura Ryanair FR
Fuerteventura Thomas Cook TCX
Gdansk Ryanair FR
Geneva easyJet EZY
Genoa Ryanair FR
Gerona Ryanair FR
Glasgow easyJet EZY
Glasgow Prestwick Ryanair FR
Gothenburg Saev Ryanair FR
Granada Ryanair FR
Grenoble easyJet EZY
Grenoble Thomson Airways TOM
Grenoble Ryanair FR
Guernsey Aurigny GR 01481 822 886
Hamburg (Luebeck) Ryanair FR
Hanover Germanwings 4U 0906 294 1918
Haugesund Ryanair FR
Heraklion Thomson Airways TOM
Heraklion Thomas Cook TCX
Ibiza easyJet EZY
Ibiza Ryanair FR
Ibiza Thomas Cook TCX
Innsbruck Thomson Airways TOM
Istanbul Atlasjet KK +44 20 72 623 222
Istanbul Pegasus Airlines H9 0845 084 8980
Izmir Pegasus Airlines H9
Jerez Ryanair FR
Jersey Aurigny GR 01481 822 886
Katowice Ryanair FR
Kaunas Ryanair FR
Kefalonia Ryanair FR
Kefalonia Thomas Cook TCX
Kerry Ryanair FR
Klagenfurt Ryanair FR
Knock Ryanair FR
Kos Ryanair FR
Kos Thomson Airways TOM
Kos Thomas Cook TCX
Krakow Ryanair FR
La Rochelle Ryanair FR
Lamezia Ryanair FR
Lanzarote Ryanair FR
Lanzarote Thomson Airways TOM
Lanzarote Thomas Cook TCX
Larnaca Cyprus Airways CY +357 22 365868
Las Palmas Ryanair FR
Las Vegas Thomas Cook TCX
Leipzig Ryanair FR
Limoges Ryanair FR
Linz Ryanair FR
Lisbon Ryanair FR
Ljubljana easyJet EZY
Lodz Ryanair FR
Londonderry Ryanair FR
Lourdes Tangney-Tours AWC 0800 917 3572
Lourdes Ryanair FR
Lublin Ryanair FR
Lyon easyJet EZY
Maastricht Ryanair FR
Madrid Ryanair FR
Malaga easyJet EZY
Malaga Ryanair FR
Malmo Ryanair FR
Marrakech Ryanair FR
Marrakech easyJet EZY
Marseille Ryanair FR
Memmingen Ryanair FR
Menorca Thomson Airways TOM
Milan (Bergamo) Ryanair FR
Munich easyJet EZY
Murcia Ryanair FR
Naples easyJet EZY
Nice Ryanair FR
Nuremberg Ryanair FR
Orlando Thomas Cook TCX
Osijek Ryanair FR
Oslo Ryanair FR
Ostrava Ryanair FR
Palermo Ryanair FR
Palma de Mallorca easyJet EZY
Palma de Mallorca Thomson Airways TOM
Palma de Mallorca Thomas Cook TCX
Paphos Ryanair FR
Paphos Thomson Airways TOM
Parma Ryanair FR
Perpignan Ryanair FR
Perugia Ryanair FR
Pescara Ryanair FR
Pisa Ryanair FR
Plovdiv Ryanair FR
Podgorica Ryanair FR
Poitiers Ryanair FR
Porto Ryanair FR
Poznan Ryanair FR
Prague easyJet EZY
Pristina Ryanair FR
Pula easyJet EZY
Rabat Ryanair FR
Reus Ryanair FR
Rhodes Aegean Airlines A3
Rhodes Thomson Airways TOM
Rhodes Thomas Cook TCX
Rhodes Ryanair FR
Riga Ryanair FR
Rodez Ryanair FR
Rome Ryanair FR
Rzeszow Ryanair FR
Salzburg Ryanair FR
Salzburg Thomson Airways TOM
Santander Ryanair FR
Santiago De Compostela Ryanair FR
Seville Ryanair FR
Shannon Ryanair FR
Sharm El Sheikh easyJet EZY
Sharm El Sheikh Thomson Airways TOM
Skelleftea Ryanair FR
Skiathos Thomas Cook TCX
Sofia easyJet EZY
Split easyJet EZY
Stockholm Ryanair FR
Strasbourg Ryanair FR
Stuttgart Germanwings 4U 020 8321 7255
Szczecin Ryanair FR
Tallinn Ryanair FR
Tampere Ryanair FR
Tel Aviv El Al Israel Airlines LY 020 7957 4100
Tenerife Ryanair FR
Tenerife Thomson Airways TOM
Thessaloniki Ryanair FR
Tirana Belle Air LZ +355 4886 0527
Toulon Ryanair FR
Tours Ryanair FR
Trieste Ryanair FR
Turin Ryanair FR
Turin Thomson Airways TOM
Valencia Ryanair FR
Valencia Thomas Cook TCX
Venice Ryanair FR
Vilnius Ryanair FR
Warsaw Ryanair FR
Wroclaw Ryanair FR
Zadar Ryanair FR
Zakynthos Thomson Airways TOM
Zakynthos Thomas Cook TCX