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Stansted Arrivals Information

Stansted Airport has one terminal which handles a small group of airlines. A selection of car hire companies are located in the terminal as you come through the walkway. Rail and bus tickets can also be purchased here and taxi stands are located at the front of the terminal building.

  • Rail: You can reach the airport using the Docklands Light Railway (DLR) using the lifts from the platforms to the terminal. It’s quick and easy!

  • Bus: A range of wheelchair accessible public buses stop right outside of the terminal.

  • Car Hire: The Stansted car hire providers are located a short distance from the arrivals terminal, with shuttle buses in operation should you have a bit too much luggage to walk far with!

Picking up from Stansted Airport

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Picking up passengers from flight arrivals at Stansted Airport? Then we’ve got some handy tools to make your life easier…

Get directions and sat nav postcodes to get you to the airport on time, find the nearest short stay car park so you can meet your family and friends at the terminal and get to know the Stansted Terminal itself.

Airport directions
Short Stay Parking at Stansted Airport
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London Stansted Pick Up: What you Need to Know

  • Step 1: Make sure you put the right postcode into the sat nav London Stansted Airport’s postcode is CM24 1RW.
  • Step 2: (if you’re meeting them at the terminal) Look out for Short-Stay parking so you can park up and greet your friends and family as they arrive at Stansted’s arrival gate.You could make a sign so they can find you in the crowd. We recommend getting there early, pick up a luggage trolley to help with suitcases and wait for them at the gate if they’ve travelled with a lot of baggage.
  • Step 2 Alternative: (if they’re coming to find you at a pick-up point) Head for the “Express Set Down” stop for dropping people off for Departures but be careful as the airport will charge you to stop here. £3.50 for up to 10 minutes. Otherwise, the free place to pick up and drop off at Stansted is at the Mid-Stay car park’s “Free Set Down” facility.
  • Top tip: Mid-Stay parking at Stansted has a free parking facility for up to an hour, alternatively you can compare short stay parking with the Stansted Airport Parking Shop.