Holiday Taxis and International Transport

It can be easy for travellers to get caught out over limited choice and exaggerated prices when trying to organise transport at their destinations airport to their hotel or resort. Avoiding this potentially stressful situation is easy when you remember to book your airport transfer ahead of your holiday, ensuring you have a had the chance to check your getting the best value for money.

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Holiday Taxis are pioneers of the pre-booked overseas Airport Transfers industry. First set up in 2002 they only operated around the mediterranean, now over 10 years on they arrange transfers to 11,000+ different cities and resorts in more than 120 Countries. Holiday Taxis were first set up to deal with the increasing demand for cheap, quick and effective Transfers from overeseas Airports and they have continued to do this ever since.

  • Great Value Transfers
  • Award Winning, Worldwide Service
  • Over 11,000 Cities/Resorts, 120 Countries
  • Choice of Vehicles; Taxis, Minibuses, Coaches, Water Taxi and even Helicopter..
  • 24/7 Emergency Cover.
  • Choice of Vehicles; Taxis, Minibuses, Coaches, Water Taxi and even Helicopter..
  • 24/7 Emergency Cover.
  • Coaches, Water Taxi and even Helicopter.
Global Transfer Services

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Global Transfer Services provide reliable and cost effective transport for various destinations across Europe. Accurate and speedy quotes are available through their website allowing you to search for the best price whilst in the comfort of your own home. After welcoming you at the airport when you land you can sit back and start relaxing whilst your driven in comfort and style to your destination.

  • Professional, Licensed Drivers
  • No Hidden Costs
  • 24 Hour Contact
  • Doorstep Drop Off
  • Instant Online Confirmation
  • Flight Monitoring

Train Travel Abroad

Travelling by train can often be a great choice, whether as your primary transportation or as just one leg of your journey to your final destination. There are also many different offers around for people looking to explore Europe by train.

Trains in Europe

Rail Europe

The UK’s leading ticket and pass provider for European rail travel is Rail Europe. Travellers planning a trip to the Continent will find an expert service alongside a wide selection of travel options to suit their needs.

Using the rain network when in Europe can be a great way to reach your final destination if further travel is required from the airport or ferry port you arrived at and often allows you to see parts of the country you’d otherwise have missed out on. If a short journey is all it will take to reach your accommodation or resort then it’s likely you’ll find the international taxi and transfer featured above more useful.

The needs of traveller have been well catered for by Rail Europe, there are various booking options to choose from depending on where you want to go and the schedule you want to take. Your even able to travel across up to 30 European countries, stopping off at each one within the time period you’ve chosen.

Holiday Tips

You’ll no doubt have a million and one tasks you’ll be scrambling to get done in the run up to your holiday with things like finding the right travel insurance policy, getting the best rate on your travel money, and organising transport to Stansted Airport to name but a few. With all these little jobs to juggle it can be easy to neglect how you’ll be getting to your final destination once you’ve landed at the other end.

Transfers to and from the airport are often included within package holidays, although this is not always the case so be sure to check with your tour operator if you’ve booked a package holiday before you travel. Booking your airport transfer in advanced would be a smart choice if your an independent traveller as it will ensure a hassle free start to your holiday and is more than likely to save you money which you can then spend on your holiday.

It can sometimes prove difficult to organise your transport from the airport in a country your unfamiliar with. Depending on your destination you may be able to choose from a selection of different transport options including trains, buses, international car rental and shuttle transfers. You’re able to guarantee you have a transfer waiting for you and avoid having to first find and then decide which transport option would be best for you at the airport by booking in advanced of your holiday.