Compostable Security Bags introduced at London Stansted

London Stansted are set to become one of the first UK based airports to introduce new compostable security bags. Since 2006 the law has required airline passengers to place any aerosols, liquids and gels in see through and resealable bags with hand luggage as long as they are in 100ml containers. But with the approval of the Department for Transport and the Civil Aviation Authority, London Stansted will be trialling new compostable security bags over the course of the Christmas and New Year period.

Trial Period

The trial will be done with the help of the staff of Stansted Airport who will be distributing an estimated 50,000 bags to passengers, who will then be encouraged to give feedback on the new product and its usefulness. The bags themselves are considered to be more sustainable and reduce the airports carbon footprint due to the bags themselves being made from natural materials, meaning the product produces no toxic residue when disposed of correctly.

New Compostable Security Bags at Stansted
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Meet Boots, the new specialist search dog at Stansted Airport

A former rescue dog has been added to the London Stansted Airport security team as a new specialist search dog. Boots, the former stray, was brought to the Dog Unit from The Dogs Trust and is now fully trained to sniff out both cash and illegal substances. The 18-month old Labrador crossbreed was taken into Basildon Kennels as a result of being found homeless last August, and was given a new home after the Dog Unit spotted his potential to work successfully as a search dog. Continue reading…

Stansted Airport on Instagram: Our Top 10

Top 10 Stansted Airport Instagram Posts You'll love

We all love a decent scroll through Instagram when we’re waiting for our flight at Stansted Airport.

So we’ve gone one step beyond on put together our Top 10 Instagram Posts!

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Largest Hampton by Hilton Hotel opening at Stansted Airport

Currently in its final stage of development, the world’s largest Hampton by Hilton Hotel at London Stansted Airport is expected to open its doors in August 2017. The hotel showcases 357 rooms built across 7 floors with impressive views across the runway. Continue reading…

New Stansted Airport terminal

A new Stansted Airport terminal has been revealed, costing around £130m, and will be home to new arrivals once it has been built in 2021. Continue reading…