Stansted Airport Comments Policy

We have created a blog so that we can get the opinions of our users on important issue, and it is a great place to suggest ideas and comment on the topic of the blog you have just read.

To keep it a great place for all visitors we have some policies relating to what we deem appropriate on the blog. These policies must be followed; however we are not sufficiently staffed to be able to afford to spend all our time monitoring the blog which is why we have created a 'report this post' link. This is for our users to tell us if there is any offensive content on a comment that infringes our policies.

We are firm believers in free speech but that does not mean you can say anything you want on a comment on our blog.

A non-exhaustive list of things we will not tolerate is given below. We will be the judge as to whether the comment is suitable or not and our decision is final.

Offensive, inflammatory or discriminatory comments

We are very much in favour of reasonable comments and debate and want everyone to have their say and express their opinions but we don’t want people who resort to swearing and other offensive or discriminatory commentary to spoil it for the majority.

Party political promotion

As an example, it is ok to say "I feel (political party) have done a great job with x"

It is not ok to say "Vote (political party) it's the only way to stop this, they have my vote!!! Who else is voting for them? We all need to!!!"

Product or site promotion

Whilst we would encourage comments to include relevant links to authoritative web sites which have relevance to their comment and our blog post we do not want users to promote either their own web site or sites which have limited relevance to the blog post and do not further contribute to the discussion.

What we do want lots of!

We are pretty much in favour of any other commentary and as a few positive guidelines for good comments we think they should include concise and considered facts and opinion relevant to the post or another users comment that help all our readers.

In summary ...

If you find a comment on our blog that breaches this policy then please report it to us with the link in the bottom right of all comments.